By Dr. Bruce Linder, Psychologist, Vice-President
March 10, 2011

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Safe Management Group Inc. has evaluated and compared the effectiveness of its new online training program with the traditional live classroom version. Eighty individuals including 16 SMG Trainers, and 64 never-trained individuals completed the 25-unit online training program this past year. Seventeen individuals completed the traditional „live‟ classroom version of the program in February. Knowledge testing was conducted for both programs using a 30-item multiple choice test of the course content given before and after taking the program. The individuals taking the online version of the course also completed a 10-item satisfaction survey for each of the 4 sections of the course – Risk Management, Relationship Management, Behaviour Management, and Aggression Management. The SMG Knowledge Test was found to be reliable (Chronbach alpha = .78). The results of the test displayed in Figure 1, show the means for trainers and non-trainers on the pre and post test, for both on-line and live training programs. (Download / View PDF to read more…)