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Safe Management Group is a leader in Crisis Intervention and Prevention training programs in Canada across a variety of settings including Healthcare, Community, Residential Programs and more.

Our Vision is to create safer workplaces for anyone working or visiting them.

We do this by offering the most comprehensive training programs available delivered by highly experienced Trainers. We also create a variety of custom programs to suit your organization’s needs.

Safe Management Group (SMG) has been providing Crisis Intervention Training and Consultation to our hospital since 2018.  One of the main benefits of working with the team at SMG is their willingness to customize training to our specific needs.  They collaborated with us to create our current training model that sees staff attend various levels of training (1-4) based on position and potential for violence exposure.

Recently, our hospital experienced a significant violent event for which a Code White was initiated.  Upon review of the incident, it was highly apparent that the response from the Level Four trained clinical staff, as well as security personnel, prevented serious injury to staff and patients.  Training clinical staff and security in the same preventative approaches and crisis management techniques has been of tremendous benefit.  In this specific situation, staff and security responded to the Code White quickly and worked together seamlessly. Their ability to communicate and implement a consistent, well-choregraphed response was impressive. Staff utilized the techniques taught in SMG’s Crisis Intervention Training program to successfully maintain safety for all involved.  Although, an unfortunate incident, it was rewarding for me, as a Manager of Organizational Health, to see staff successfully apply the approaches and interventions taught in SMG training, to a very real situation. 

Cindy Hayward-Dale

Brant Community Healthcare System

Training For Individuals

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  • You are a student looking for training for yourself as part of your educational requirements
  • You are a volunteer looking for training for yourself to fulfill the requirements of your volunteer position
  • You are an employee looking for training for yourself to meet the requirements of your employer
  • You are a person looking for training for yourself to enhance your current skill set


*If you have been given a URL link and Group Key by your organization for online training, you may not access that from this website. Please follow the instructions that have been sent to you.

Training For Organizations

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  • You are looking for on-site training options for your staff team
  • You are a Manager/Director exploring on-site Training options for your agency
  • You belong to an Association or Union and need training for your members


We’ve become aware, from our agency partners, that fraudulent SMG Crisis Intervention Training certificates may be circulating. These fake certificates appear to be coming from individuals, independently applying for employment opportunities.  The certificates are not associated with specific agencies, nor do we feel agencies are complicit.  PLEASE NOTE that any valid Safe Management Group Crisis Intervention Training certificates that are provided following successful completion of our FULL COURSE include a unique QR Code.  This QR Code links to our Trainer database. When scanned, it will show the name of the individual certified and the date of certification.  If the name and date on the paper certificate do not match the name and date on the QR code, the certificate should be assumed to be invalid, until verified by Safe Management Group.  If, at any time, you have concerns, that a certificate may be altered, please reach out to SMG to verify its authenticity.  Thank you!