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Individual Specialized Consultation

Safe Management Group offers Individual Specialized Consultations for individuals who may require additional supports. These additional supports may be necessary based on the following:

  • The individual’s physical size and abilities
  • Physical limitations
  • Trauma issues
  • Medical status
  • Aggressive/Violent Behaviours


By request, Safe Management Group will provide an on-site consultation.

Consultants will meet with the direct care staff, the child, the program supervisor, the family/guardian (if applicable), the psychologist, behaviour therapist, social worker and anyone else involved in the child’s care.

Environmental aspects, staffing ratios and preventative measures will be considered.  Most importantly, consultants will consider the safest approach for all involved. Collaboration with the treatment team will occur to develop effective solutions to address the behaviour.  This will include the creation of individualized physical containment techniques, designed specifically to address the unique needs of the individual and the staff. Safe Management Crisis Intervention Trainers within the organization are then certified to train direct care staff in the newly designed techniques.

The consultation is followed-up with a detailed report outlining action plans and recommendations. This report also includes a photo-log illustrating and describing step by step instructions to implement the specialized physical techniques.

After being vetted through Safe Management’s approval process, the report is delivered to the agency typically within 2 weeks’ time.

Please tell us more about your needs and we’ll contact you shortly