Who We Are

We are dedicated to supporting individuals with complex and unique needs.  Our goal is to assist individuals in reaching their maximum potential.  Our clinical team is specialized in behaviour habilitation with the focus of increasing adaptive and prosocial behaviours and reducing maladaptive behaviours which interfere with quality of life.


Our Philosophy

Safe Management Group believes in eliminating the barriers that inhibit the ability of persons with disabilities to exercise their rights, allowing them to fully participate in community/social living and succeed in their dreams and goals.

Safe Management Group believes in empowering and in supporting persons with disabilities to make their own choices, advocate for themselves, and exercise control over their lives. We believe each person needs to be consulted and participate in the process of making decisions that affect their lives whenever possible.

Safe Management Group believes in effective and creative collaboration, where time is taken to get to know each individual and to learn about their unique dreams, needs, and desires.

Safe Management Group believes a “choice model” approach where clients and family members are given the opportunity to play a key role in their services.

Safe Management Group believes in individualized services, planned and delivered within a framework of a nurturing and caring family setting.  Providing supervision and guidance to maintain the client’s health and safety; also working to increase each client’s level of independence and self-confidence while persevering connections with their families.


Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that a specialized individualized environment increases the ability for the client to develop the skills necessary for independence, social inclusion, and individual choice.  The SMG Treatment Program is designed to offer opportunities, care, and support for developmentally disabled individuals to reach their potential through the achievement of goals developed through Behaviour Support Plans.  SMG will provide clients with individualized program support to encourage their personal strengths and

growth.  Clients of SMG will benefit from a program which provides consistency, repetition, skills modelling, and the appropriate use of verbal praise and reinforcement within a safe, positive, nurturing environment.

We will work closely with family, school boards, and community support agencies, to ensure clients are provided with a maximum number of opportunities possible to achieve their personal goals and thrive in their day-to-day healthy living.

SMG will have access to a multidisciplinary treatment team including child and youth workers, behavioural support workers, a behavioural therapist, and a consulting psychologist.

The treatment team will work collaboratively to create a client-centred individual care plan for each client.