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SMG Training Significantly Effective in Boosting Staff Performance Competencies in Dealing with Crisis Situations

Posted by on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

By Dr. Bruce Linder, C.Psych., BCBA-D – February 11, 2013

Download / View this report in it’s entirety.PDF

Previous studies have shown that SMG training online and in the classroom significantly elevate staff knowledge of crisis intervention principles, strategies and techniques (see March 1, 2012). In fact, both types of training are able to boost staff knowledge to levels comparable to experienced trainers. We have extended these findings by developing a performance competency assessment (SMG Performance Competency Assessment©) to evaluate whether staff also significantly improve their ability to perform the crisis intervention techniques taught in the SMG curriculum.
Subjects. Eighteen third and fourth-year undergraduates of a university psychology department voluntarily participated in an intensive study of the effectiveness of SMG 2-day training to boost knowledge and performance of SMG skills. None of the students had previous crisis intervention training.

Download / View this report in it’s entirety.PDF